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300+ Engaging PowerPoint Presentation Topics

You are probably familiar with a PowerPoint presentation. This is a Microsoft presentation file format that is mainly used for office and educational purposes. Basically, you write all the important things you want to share with your audience then arrange them accordingly in different slides.

Before you start a presentation, you need to have a PowerPoint presentation topic that you have intended to talk about. This makes it much easier to share what you had with your audience.

Reasons why PowerPoint Presentations are Important

Consequently, there are various reasons as to why a PowerPoint presentation is very important. Some of the reasons are as follows;

Improves your Audience’s Focus

A PowerPoint presentation is a visual presentation, meaning that your audience will be able to see the ppt topics that you have to discuss on that day. Unlike regular presentations where the audience may be easily distracted, a PowerPoint presentation uses images, videos and audios, all of which have an impact on how your audience reacts.

Encourages teamwork

PowerPoint presentation also enhances teamwork especially in office settings. Assuming that you are working on the same project, and you and your team have agreed to handle different parts of the project.

During presentation, the different team members will handle their various ppt presentation topics. This is mainly because they have a better understanding of each topic since they handled them separately.

Encourages Content Sharing

This favours content creators who inspire the public in one way or the other. You have created a presentation and some of your audiences were not able to be present because of unavoidable reasons.

You can share your presentation on different online platforms such as YouTube so that they can watch the ppt topics at their own convenience. They can have access to this information anytime they want to.

How do you choose a Good PowerPoint Presentation Topic?

Choosing a ppt presentation topic should not be taken lightly the way some people do. This is what determines whether or not you will capture the attention of your audience. It is usually advisable that you choose a presentation topic that your audience will resonate with easily. Below are some tips that will help you choose a good PowerPoint presentation topic.

  • Choose a topic that interests you.

Choosing a topic that you love will give you an easy time in talking about it and sharing with your audience.

  • Pay attention to the occasion as of that moment

Everything has its own time and place. Always ensure that your presentation topic relates to the occasion or the situation at hand as of that time.

  • Consider your audience

Is the topic you want to discuss favouring your audience? For instance, talking about finance and politics to adolescent teenagers is irrelevant. Once you know your audience, you will choose a topic that best suits them.

  • Choose a topic that is very easy to illustrate

Use of photos and other graphics makes a presentation topic more interesting and easy to understand.

Features of a Good PowerPoint Presentation

A common mistake that many people make is thinking that any presentation is a good presentation. Well, that is not the case. When creating a ppt presentation topic, you need to create one that will keep your audience engaged. To do this, you need to understand what a good presentation is. A good PowerPoint presentation should have the following information.

  • A good presentation should be thoroughly researched.
  • Carefully planned.
  • The presentation should be easy to read and understand to anyone who comes across it.
  • Use simple language in your presentation.
  • Use contrasting colours but not those that are distractive.
  • Avoid using too many slides as it may make your audience lose interest in the message you are trying to pass.
  • Stick to at most six words in a line.
  • Use larger fonts when emphasizing on important information.
  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations in your presentation.

Therefore, all of the above are some of the factors that make a good presentation. Considering all the above in your presentation will not only make you look like you know what you are doing, but it will also make your audience to love seeing and hearing what you are sharing with them.

Moreover, for you to get a presentation right, you need to select some of the best PowerPoint presentation topics that you want to talk about. Remember, without a topic, you cannot have a presentation.

Below are some of the PowerPoint presentation topics that are applicable to different sectors.

Common PowerPoint Presentation Topics

  1. How can cultural differences be handled?
  2. What makes studying abroad more interesting than studying in home country?
  3. Between buying land and buying a car, which one should you prioritize first?
  4. Best tripods in 2021.
  5. Influential African American leaders.
  6. Weight loss mistakes that many people make.
  7. Tourism and Hospitality.
  8. The Keto Diet.
  9. Why you should consider visiting Rome.
  10. Money markets.

Social PPT Presentation Topics

  1. How COVID 19 has affected different industries.
  2. Teenagers and Social Media.
  3. How to teach your pet to behave.
  4. Racism in schools.
  5. Societal Pressure.
  6. How can technology transform the wine market?
  7. Diabetes education.
  8. What causes teenage pregnancies?
  9. Online versus physical dating: which is better?
  10. Prominent female political leaders of all time.

PPT Topics on Education and Health

  1. Virtual presentations versus physical presentations.
  2. How does globalization affect the population of the world?
  3. How do GMO’s affect the health and life of people?
  4. Effective ways to beat Unemployment.
  5. Does graduating from university guarantee that you will get a job from the same area of study?
  6. How is teamwork important?
  7. How to make education accessible to everyone.
  8. What causes interest rates to go up?
  9. Obesity and self-esteem.
  10. Women and Plastic Surgery.

Interesting Topics For PowerPoint presentation

  1. How does religion and politics relate?
  2. Role of hydration to the body.
  3. What causes women to over think when in a relationship?
  4. Sex and marriage.
  5. Why some Women put up their Children for Adoption.
  6. How does bad nutrition affect one’s appearance?
  7. Impacts of antidepressants to the human brain.
  8. How does gambling negatively affect people and their finances?
  9. How to overcome different types of addiction.
  10. Is the healthcare system fair?

Best Topic For PPT

  1. Benefits of Acupuncture.
  2. How does the respiratory system operate?
  3. What does the term ‘glass ceiling’ mean and what effect does it have over a business?
  4. Environmental problems and solutions.
  5. Natural or relaxed hair: which one do you prefer and why?
  6. Diversity in a work environment.
  7. Importance of working as a team.
  8. How has COVID 19 pandemic affected the hospitality and tourism sectors?
  9. Empathy.
  10. Praying at home and praying in the church: which one do you prefer?

PPT On General Topics

  1. Are heatless hair curlers effective in curling the hair?
  2. Are athletes overpaid or underpaid?
  3. Global warming.
  4. Cheating in Exams.
  5. Sex education in schools.
  6. Is home-schooling better than physically going to school?
  7. Does home-schooling make students antisocial?
  8. Working from home or working from the office: Which is better?
  9. Should abortion be legalized all over the world?
  10. Are 9am-5pm jobs worth it?

General PowerPoint Topics

  1. Different methods of advertising on social media.
  2. How do media affect businesses?
  3. How has advancement in technology affected different industries?
  4. What are some of the alternative sources of energy?
  5. Real estate virtual tour during COVID 19 pandemic.
  6. Factors to consider when buying a home.
  7. Home renovation ideas.
  8. How does body shaming affect an individual?
  9. Should homosexuality be legalized all over the world?
  10. Religion and Cult: Differences.

Inspirational Topics For PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Quotes from famous people and greatest leaders of all time.
  2. Ethics and Values.
  3. Importance of self love and acceptance.
  4. Personal development.
  5. How to quickly lose weight without regaining it.
  6. Evolution of social media.
  7. How to fix your mindset to achieve success.
  8. Saving tips for young adults.
  9. How to stay productive while working from home.
  10. Single parenthood struggles and benefits.

PPT Topics For Students

  1. Should mobile phones be allowed in classrooms?
  2. Do teachers know everything?
  3. Why do students break rules?
  4. Do teachers practice favoritism in school?
  5. Are there rules that students break that they go free with?
  6. If you were a teacher for a day, what would you do differently?
  7. What makes being a student difficult?
  8. Why do assignments and exams stress students?
  9. Should students reside in school premises or rent their own apartments?
  10. Benefits of volunteering.

Interesting Topics For Oral Presentation

  1. Benefits of dental health.
  2. Domestic violence.
  3. Natural ways to reduce stress.
  4. How to get rid of acne.
  5. How to handle a bully.
  6. How to effectively manage time.
  7.  How to enjoy being single.
  8. Dual citizenship and its benefits.
  9. How to have fun responsibly.
  10. What causes teenage and youth suicides?

Interesting Topics For PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Should death penalty be implemented or not?
  2. Natural or artificial hair: which is better?
  3. Should a lady propose to a man?
  4. Should juvenile prisons exist?
  5. Is it okay if a man helps his wife in house chores?
  6. Herbal or modern medicine: which is better and more effective?
  7. Is it fair to deny a patient treatment without a health insurance?
  8. Polygamy and Polyandry: should they be legalized worldwide?
  9. Should interviews determine one’s professional and academic qualifications?
  10. Should marijuana be made legal all over the world?

Interesting Presentation Topics For Work

  1. Why is internet safety important?
  2. How are plastic bags harmful to the environment?
  3. Risk management tips.
  4. Effective communication skills.
  5. Strategic planning.
  6. Leadership and Management.
  7. How to solve conflicts at workplace peacefully.
  8. Customer reviews and company success.
  9. How to work from home with a toddler.
  10. Social media marketing.

Easy Topics For Presentation

  1. Effective ways of improving the health system.
  2. What led to the collapse of the Soviet Union?
  3. Functions of the human sensory systems.  
  4. What causes high blood pressure and diabetes?
  5. Signs and symptoms of anemia.
  6. How do songs affect our mood and feeling?
  7. Do punishing students make them better?
  8. How does texting affect one’s vocabulary and writing abilities?
  9. Effective ways of treating various age groups.
  10. How can students be motivated to achieve success?  

Unique Topics For Presentation

  1. Should old buildings be preserved or demolished?
  2. What age should people allowed to marry?
  3. Should use of social media in school be advocated for?
  4. Can capable elderly be allowed to adopt children?
  5. Should businesses open on Sundays too?
  6. Is saving as a couple better than saving individually?
  7. Will racism ever die out?
  8. Impact that your dressing has on your personality.
  9. Teenagers and boarding schools.
  10. Causes of cancer.

Interesting Topics For Presentation

  1. Are men good at multitasking?
  2. Love marriage and arranged marriage: which one works better?
  3. Are human beings more intelligent than animals?
  4. What effects do social media have on students?
  5. How do you balance personal and professional life?
  6. What is the evolution of literature?
  7. In the next few years, will population growth affect our way of life?
  8. How to eradicate gender equality.
  9. Does God really exist?
  10. Is gay marriage right or wrong?

Business topics for presentation

  1. Different marketing strategies.
  2. How to introduce new products to the public.
  3. Importance of a business plan.
  4. Why data analysis is crucial for a business.
  5. Business finance.
  6. How to encourage company diversity.
  7. Sales data presentation.
  8. Examples of computer tools that every business needs.
  9. Everyday routine for successful people.
  10. Exit strategies in a business.

10 minute presentation topics

  1. Importance of foreign investment.
  2. How to instil discipline in online classes.
  3. Is global warming a myth or a reality?
  4. Causes of Unemployment.
  5. Corporate social responsibility.
  6. Social impact of online education.
  7. How to read body language.
  8. Is a vegan diet 100% effective in weight loss?
  9. How to do away with Smartphone addiction.
  10. Is euthanasia ethical?

Presentation topics for students

  1. Why are most teachers underpaid?
  2. Should inter-school competitions be encouraged?
  3. What is foreign exchange program?
  4. Why do students miss their classes?
  5. How to protect yourself when in danger.
  6. What is cross fit?
  7. How important is a balanced diet?
  8. Who is an EMT specialist?
  9. Nelson Mandela and how impacted the world.
  10. Martin Luther King Junior and his achievements.

PowerPoint presentation ideas on Money making and Health

  1. How to budget effectively with your salary.
  2. Blogging ideas.
  3. Tips on starting YouTube without an expensive camera.
  4. Photosynthesis.
  5. How does the respiratory system work?
  6. Are internship programs worth it?
  7. How does discrimination affect productivity at work place?
  8. After how long should new mums go back to work?
  9. Entrepreneurship.
  10. Who are the old more in employment than the youth?

Best topics for presentation

  1. How did human beings evolve?
  2. Tips for writing the best resume.
  3. History of the internet.
  4. Do you believe in the existence of aliens?
  5. How to create memories with loved ones.
  6. Why were relationships and marriages in the past lasting than presently?
  7. Between electric cars and gas cars, which one is better?
  8. At what age should one have kids?
  9. Would the world be a better place without modern technology?
  10. Benefits of using influencer marketing for your business.

Presentation Ideas on Culture

  1. Where should young adults visit in their youth?
  2. How should parents address adolescent teens?
  3. How is social media different now and in the past?
  4. What makes you love a specific movie genre?
  5. How to make banana cake at home.
  6. Should single mothers allow their baby daddy’s to see their child?
  7. How to set realistic goals.
  8. Should the disabled be treated differently?
  9. How to deal with grief.
  10. Internet dating and its benefits.

PowerPoint Ideas On Mixed Topics

  1. Why are there gender-specific job descriptions?
  2. The placebo effect.
  3. Solar technology.
  4. How to keep the sea clean.
  5. The evolution of fashion.
  6. Why do people fake their lives on social media?
  7. How to control your child’s social media activities.
  8. How to co-parent.
  9. Tips on surviving a blind date.
  10. Anxiety and depression in adults.

Fun Topics For Presentations

  1. Are dogs better than cats?
  2. Do pets need a self-care routine?
  3. Tattoos or piercings: which one do you prefer?
  4. Should you allow your partner to access your phone?
  5. Are women better than men?
  6. Is there life after death?
  7. Are ghosts real?
  8. Dieting or exercising: which one works better than the other?
  9. Which one is healthy between washing your hands and using a sanitizer?
  10. Should you take the COVID vaccine?

Creative Slides Ideas

  1. Use music in your presentation.
  2. Tell a story.
  3. Incorporate humor.
  4. Ask your audience questions.
  5. Voice over narrations.
  6. Illustrations.
  7. Use 3D Effects.
  8. Videos.
  9. Add animations to your presentation.
  10. Make the best use out of colors.

Cool Presentation Topics

  1. How do media affect gender stereotypes?
  2. How to do away with insomnia.
  3. Ways in which beauty contests affects a woman’s self esteem.
  4. Safety measures at home.
  5. How to respond to a medical emergency at home.
  6. When is it right to call 911?
  7. Effective time management skills.
  8. Benefits of 3D printing?
  9. How to deal with loss and grief.
  10. Mistakes people make when it comes to general safety.

Easy Presentation Ideas

  1. Effects of the smiling therapy.
  2. Benefits of learning a new language.
  3. How to be productive in a diverse work environment.
  4. Eating healthy foods.
  5. Benefits of lemon tea.
  6. Importance of learning about culture.
  7. Data collection procedures.
  8. Responsibilities of a leader.
  9. How personal problems affect one’s productivity.
  10. Corporate ethics.

Medical Presentation Topics

  1. How etiquette helps in public.
  2. When should you visit a psychologist?
  3. Are gynecologist visits necessary?
  4. Mental health awareness.
  5. How to prepare effectively for an exam.
  6. Oral hygiene.
  7. Exercising and wellness.
  8. Why do some 50 year olds look 20?
  9. Causes of child obesity.
  10. Natural ways to reduce body odor.

Creative Presentation Topic Ideas

  1. How to answer interview questions like a pro.
  2. Writing your Curriculum Vitae.
  3. Benefits of maintaining eye contact when conversing.
  4. Are leaders born or made?
  5. Underage gambling.
  6. Why women avoid saying their age.
  7. Why do men cheat in relationships?
  8. How women overcome insecurity.
  9. Reasons why most step parents treat their step children with love.
  10. Should pubic hair be shaved?

Technical Topics for Presentation

  1. Is technology a blessing or a curse?
  2. At what age should kids be allowed to have mobile phones?
  3. Do teenagers and youths use the internet for the right or wrong reasons?
  4. What role do mobile phone apps play?
  5. Cyber Crimes.
  6. Wireless Technology.
  7. Online shopping versus physical shopping.
  8. Are tablets necessary in the computer world?
  9. iPhone versus Android phones.
  10. How to stop cyber bullying.

Presentation Topics For University Students

  1. Online schooling and physical schooling.
  2. Financial Markets.
  3. Money saving tips.
  4. Are education loan interests necessary?
  5. Do assignments and tests determine one’s intelligence?
  6. Should students work and study at the same time?
  7. Peer influence among university students.
  8. Stress associated with being a university student.
  9. Academic freedom.
  10. Is the grading system in universities genuine?


In summary, choosing a good PowerPoint presentation topic is very important in capturing your audience and relaying the message you intended. In addition to that, always aim at selecting a topic that interests you or that is easy to talk about.

Therefore, all of the above are some of the amazing ppt presentation topics that you can discuss.

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