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Work From Home Benefits And Challenges

Due to advancement in technology now a person is able to work from home without going to office on daily basis. Let us discuss the benefits and challenges faced by the workers and as well as the employers.

Benefits Of Working From Home

  • The most important benefit is flexible in working hours. It helps in managing the personal work as well as official work.
  • For peoples working in metro cities most of the time gets wasted in travelling. So travelling time and cost is reduced.
  • It is most beneficial for women employees especially one who is having kids, most of the women employees quit their job to take care of their kids. They can easily take care of their children and concentrate on their work.

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Challenges While Working From Home

While there are some benefits obviously there will also be more challenges in working from home.

  • It is very difficult to build a good rapport with the team members when they are working in a team.
  • One can easily be distracted. Because not all peoples have an office set up at house.
  • There is no one to supervise and direct an employee.
  • It feels like socially isolated.
  • Major challenge faced by employees are network failure or power failure. Without network or power back up the process in works gets lagged. There is a chance of communication failure with the team members. It affects the works when instant results are needed.

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How Do Companies Benefit From Working From Home

Without benefits no company allow their employees to work from home. Let us see some of the important benefits a company gets from work from home

  • Maintenance cost is reduced.
  • There is no need to spent on Transport and Water for the employees.
  • Internet charges, EB charges and phone charges are reduced.
  • Company can hire a person who is far away and not able to attend office daily if the person has vast knowledge on their needs. If the employees are spread all over the country they are able to work in more time zones and complete the work effectively and efficiently.

Why Employees Should Not Work From Home

Even though there are many benefits some companies doesn’t allow their employees to work from home because of the following reasons:

Some confidential data’s should not be shared with other persons. Security and trust is the main issue because the employee is using the laptops and company data’s at home.

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Are People Who Work From Home More Productive

We can say there is a 50-50 chance regarding productivity. It depends on the nature of the person and the higher officials they are reporting with.

Some person take it as easy going and concentrate on their personal work and keep their official work as secondary. It results in lack of productivity and hence the efficiency of the work also decreases.

On the other hand there are some peoples who is more productive and engage more time in building their career irrespective of the place they are working.

How Do One Overcome Challenges Working From Home

To overcome all the challenges the person must be able to work without any disturbance.

They must be able to work in free space with less noise and easy access to network.

They can maintain to do list and fix time for their personal work and office work separately.

Hence we can conclude that at current scenario (due to COVID-19) most of the employees got an opportunity to work from home and many companies are encouraging it too. Work from process becomes success depending on the rules followed by the company such as an employee must log in at time and they must report the work they have done at periodic intervals on daily basis. They must communicate with their higher officials and team members to complete the work given to them at time.

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