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Essay on Social Media

What is Social Media ?

Social media is an digital application that allows the user to create and share information’s, ideas, careers etc., with each other. We can say social media is an online communication and information sharing platform. This sharing is done through virtual communities and networks.

Many individuals uses social network to be in touch with friends and family. To interact with them to share their memories and so on.

Businessman uses social media as a platform for marketing to promote his product.

Similarly various fields use social media according to their required necessity.

Top 10 Social Media sites:

Here are the top ten social media platforms popularly used:


It is the most popularly used social networking site in the world. Facebook allows one to be in touch with their friends and family and also to create new friends. Apart from this one call sell products and promote the business  by using Facebook advertisement. There are nearly 2.45 billion users approximately.

Facebook PPT


WhatsApp is the most trending app among all age groups . It was acquired by Facebook on 2014 but still this messaging platform exist independently. Using this app we can chat with the person or with a group of persons. We can also share photos, Documents, live locations, Videos, Audios. This app made video call very easier by using a single click across the world. There are approximately more than 1 billion users.


It is an unique platform for sharing photos and videos. Photo filters in Instagram are very popular. We can capture the best moments of life and share it with our friends. There are nearly 500 million active users.


Twitter also allows to share photos and videos. We can also post short text messages. Most of the celebrities uses this platform to share the important messages to their followers. One can even promote and sell products through twitter. Number of users are approximately 350 million per month.


It serves as a social media as well as micro blogging platform. We can post anything like multimedia  to a short form blog. It has nearly 600 million users.


It is a visual bookmarking site that helps to bookmark the ideas we have and save it. We can plan our travel agenda and do any kind of projects using it . Number of active users are approximately 100 million.


It is a popular professional site and available in many languages. It is a best platform for different business and is used by all kind of professions. Linkedin has more than 100 million active users per month approximately.


It is app where we submit a content and later vote for it. Based on the number of vote the content moves position up or down . Reddit has more than 100 million active users per month approximately.


It is a video channel where we can get wide range of information’s. It gives job to more persons from home. We can watch videos posted by other persons and also post our own videos.


It is also an instant messaging platform All the messages are self encrypted and self destructive . It is similar to WhatsApp. Telegram has more than 100 million active users per month.

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Types of Social Media

There are seven popular types of social media platforms, they are:

  • Social Networking – Facebook
  • Discussion forum- Quora
  • Micro blogging- Twitter
  • Photo sharing- Instagram
  • Bookmarking Networks- Pinterest
  • Consumer review network – Zomato
  • Video sharing- YouTube

What is Social Media Marketing ?

Social Media Marketing is the process of using social media sites to promote a company’s product or service. By doing so many new customers can be obtained. It is easy to be in touch with the existing customer. It has the power to increase the customer loyalty.

Benefits for Students and Business

Social media plays an important role in students life. Nowadays most of the colleges conduct online discussion forums and webinars on trending topics. It helps students from any corner to connect and gather information. Employment opportunities are easier via various sites like Linkedin. Just by posting resumes a student can connect with the job seekers. Huge amount of study materials are uploaded in various sites for students use. There are also networks for connecting students and teachers.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool nowadays to reach the customers increase the sales and grow the business. Branding is the first step to make the business a success one . By using social media we can easily review the feedback’s from the customers. We can find what a customer like or dislike or what he prefers. By posting the link of the content on the social media we can increase the traffic of our site. The biggest advantage is it is cost effective.

Negative impact of social media

Researches found that one may become addictive by using social media too much. It may also lead to depression and anxiety. It could lead to distance in a relationship. We fall into a trap of comparing our life with others which is mentally unhealthy. Another harmful impact of  social media is lack of sleep.

Impacts and Health problem in children ?

Studies shows that health impact due to social media in children affect them mentally specially in self esteem and well being. Most of the children isolate themselves from the real world and become addictive to social media. It may lead to depression.

Moreover by using Smart Gadgets for a long time creates problem in vision. Due to which kids are forced to wear specs at a very small age.

Advantages of Social Media

  • Best way of connecting with peoples.
  • Access to paid advertising services.
  • Bring traffic to our website.
  • We can easily evaluate our performance.
  • Can create a viral content.

Disadvantages of Social Media

  • Cyber Bullying
  • Hacking
  • Addiction
  • Frauds and scams
  • Security issues
  • Health issues


While social media provides valuable information and opportunity to learn wide variety of new things, there is more addiction towards it. Hence, its peoples responsibility to set their own limitation of usage and children should be always under the supervision of parents.

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