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Electrical and Electronics Topics for Presentation

Tips To Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bill

Tips To Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bill

Below are the trending and evergreen topics for presentation for college students:

Power Generation Topics for Presentation

  • Artificial Intelligence In Power Generation
  • Renewable Energies Generation And Its Advantages
  • Biomass Fuelled Power Plant
  • Electricity Generation From Ocean Waves
  • Robotic Monitoring Of Power Station
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Plant
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermal Power Plant
  • Working and Advantages/Disadvantages of Nuclear Power Plant
  • Working and Advantages/Disadvantages of Hydro Power Plant
  • Energy Stored Quasi-Z-Source Inverter For Photovoltaic Power Generation System
  • A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique For PMSG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
  • Reconfigurable Solar Converter: A Single-Stage Power Conversion PV-Battery System

Smart Grid Topics for Presentation

  • Smart Grid Based Home Automation System
  • Characteristics Analysis Of Incremental Conductance Based Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System
  • Enhancement Of Penetration Level Of A PV Grid In Smart Grid Applications
  • Integrated Converter Topology For A Residential Micro grid Application

Machines Topics for Presentation

  • DC Motors vs AC Motors
  • Design Of Digital Controllers For BLDC Motor Drives
  • Synchronous Machines and its uses.
  • Transformers and its types.
  • Stepper Motors and its operation.
  • Direct Torque Control Of Matrix Converter Fed PMSM
  • Modelling Of Transformers With Internal Incipient Faults
Electrical and Electronics topics for presentation
Electrical and Electronics topics for presentation

Power Systems Presentation Topics

  • Energy Management System Implementation For Distributed Generation Controlled By Arm Processor
  • Maximum Power Extraction Method For A Standalone Wind Energy Conversion System Using Hybrid Controller
  • Particle Swarm Optimization Based PID Controller For Load Frequency Control System
  • Reduction Of Power Generation Cost In Generating Station
  • Flexible AC Transmission System
  • HVDC Transmission Using Voltage Source Converters
  • Power System Contingencies
  • Over Head Transmission Lines
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems In Power Stations
  • Compensation Of Harmonic Currents Utilizing AHC
  • Digital Testing Of High Voltage Circuit Breaker
  • Mitigation Of Power Quality Problems Using SRF Theory Controlling The Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR)
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Power Electronics Topics for Presentation

  • Design Of High Efficiency Single Input Multiple Output Converter Using PID Controller
  • Design Of Fuzzy Logic Based Control Of DC-DC Converter Fed DC Motor
  • A Single Stage Three Level AC To DC Converter With Intelligent Control Technique
  • AC-AC Conversion Using Multilevel Converter Through A DC-Link
  • Matrix Converter Using Venturini Method Based On FPGA
  • Hybrid Cascaded Multilevel Converter
  • Switched Mode Power Supplies
  • Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Adjustable Speed DC And AC Drives
  • Performance Enhancement Of DC-DC Boost Converter With An Improved Zero Voltage Transition And Zero Current Transition PWM Technique
  • Pi Controller Based Speed Control Of Position Sensor less BLDC Motor
  • Analysis And Simulation Of LlC Type Dual Bridge Resonant Converter
  • Carrier-Based Neutral Point Potential Regulator With Reduced Switching Losses For NPC Inverter

Others Important Presentation Topics in EEE:

  • Piezoelectric Energy In Harvesting
  • Green Future Zero Carbon Emission World
  • Harmonic Elimination Of A Solar Fed Eleven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter Using Artificial Neural Network
  • Carbon Nano Tubes In Solar Panel Technology
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • Transient Response Of DC And AC Networks
  • Network Theorems
  • Direct-Current Vector Control Of PMSG For Wind Turbine Application
  • Response Of Linear Time Invariant Systems
  • Analog Butterworth And Chebyshev Filters
  • Iir And Fir Filters
  • Combinational Circuits vs Sequential Circuits
  • What is Optical Fibres and its uses.
  • Solar Bicycle Project and its uses.
  • Nano Fuel Cells and its uses.
  • The Contactless Energy Transfer System
  • A Novel Stable Maximum Power Point Tracking Employing Sliding Mode Control For PV Applications

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