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TNEB – Electricity Bill Calculator



TNEB Slab Rate:

From Unit To Unit Rate (Rs.) Max Unit
1 100 0 100
1 100 0 200
101 200 1.5 200
1 100 0 500
101 200 2 500
201 500 3 500
1 100 0 9999999
101 200 3.5 9999999
201 500 4.6 9999999
501 Above 6.6 9999999

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TNEB Tariff for Domestic Consumers

Tariff is nothing but a way of charging our bill depending upon the consumption with different charges. We know TNEB is providing 100 units of free electricity to all domestic consumers.

For example if we use 150 units of electricity within 60 days cycle we will be charged for only 50 units by deducting 100 units of free electricity. A report says due to this free electricity nearly 80 lakhs consumers are using electricity at free of cost.

The cost of unit consumed is distributed as energy charges, Fixed charges and consumption charges. The TNEB slab rates for domestic depends upon the number of unit consumed. It is tabulated as above.

How is TNEB electricity bill units calculated

Calculation of EB bill is very simple. It depends upon the power of the electric appliances and the number of hours we are using the appliance in a single day. Multiply it by the respective KWh rate.

How is EB bill calculated in Tamilnadu

TNEB bill is calculated based on the consumption of units and the slab it comes under. The cost of 1 unit of electricity is also determined according to the slab as mentioned below:

  • 0 to 100 units – free of cost
  • 0 to 200 units – first 100 units free, for balance Rs.1.5 per unit
  • For 0 to 500 units – first 100 units free, for next 100 Rs.2 per unit, for balance Rs.3 per unit
  • Above 500 units – first 100 units free, next101 to 200 Rs.3.5 per unit, next 201-500 Rs.4.6 per unit, >500 Rs.6.6 per unit.

Download Electricity Bill Calculation as PowerPoint Presentation:

How can I check my EB bill in Tamilnadu

Usually one of the executive from EB Board comes to our residence and note the readings and the amount to be paid within the due date.

Now a days it is very easy to find out the reading and we can do it by our self due to the digitization in EB sector. Check the total units consumed by noting down the reading manually in the EB meter and subtract it from the no of units used in the last paid bill.

  • We have to login the TNEB website
  • Under the billing service tab click on bill calculator
  • Fill the necessary field (units consumed) and click on submit
  • We will get all the details such as consumed units, total current charges etc.

You can also use the above provided calculator as well for calculating domestic TNEB bill calculation.

Penalty For Late Payment In TNEB

If we fail to pay the bill within due date they may disconnect our service connection. We have to pay the bill with fine amount which is around 1.5% on the total bill amount to reactivate our connection.

Tips To Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bill
Tips To Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bill

What Is LT And HT In EB Bill?

  • LT and HT means low tension supply and high tension supply.
  • High tension supply is used for commercial purpose where heavy machines are equipped.
  • Low tension supply is the one used for domestic purpose. Here it is categorized based on the tariff as discussed earlier.

Electricity Bill Calculation Formula


For eg 5000 W appliance is in operation for 2 hours

We say 5000/1000 = 5 kwhr for 1 hr 5 kw hence for 2 hours we get 10kw/hr and so 10 units is consumed.

Tips To Save Energy And Reduce Electricity Bill

We can reduce the electricity bill by scheduled usage of electrical appliance. Mainly switch off the appliance when not in use. Use LED lights instead of tube lights.

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