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Energy Efficient Building – PowerPoint Presentation

Energy Efficient Building is the Future of Our Planet – PPT

Efficiency in energy becomes a major global concern at the moment. The earth has quickly exhausted its resources due to the ever growing human population and industrialization. In the construction sector, people are trying to come up with the most energy efficient building design. More responsible practice like this is hoped to reduce damage to the environment.

How can buildings be more energy efficient?

There is one concept that people need to adhere to if they want to build an energy efficient building. It is about design consciousness. The builder must design the building that specifically caters to energy efficiency. There are many ways to do that. The parts that you need to pay attention to are:

  • Maintaining the temperature in the building.
  • Getting as many natural lights as possible.
  • Conserving water in the building.
  • Maintaining good airflow within the building.
Energy Efficient Building - Solar Power
Energy Efficient Building – Solar Power

What building material is most energy efficient?

Finding energy efficient building material is the more pressing task for the builders. The building material plays a significant role in the building process. It is because the materials chosen for the building can determine how efficient the building will be operating. Additionally, the building materials also need to be energy efficient even during the production process.

Here are some construction materials that are considered to be energy efficient:

  • Polyisocyanurate foam
  • Adobe construction or compressed soil
  • Plastic composite wood structured
  • Structural Insulated Panels
  • Autoclaved aerated concrete
  • Plant-based polyurethane rigid foam
  • Straw bales

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How can I make my house more energy efficient?

If you want to make your house more energy efficient, you can employ the following strategies:

  1. Paying attention to the insulation
    You need to make sure that you pay the most attention to the insulation. As mentioned before, temperature is one of the biggest issues to tackle inside the house. Poor insulation can result in the house not being in optimum temperature most of the time. That will make the energy used to maintain the house at livable condition a lot bigger.
  2. Purchasing materials and equipment with certification
    Homeowners can also ensure that their house will be energy efficient by purchasing materials with certifications. International certifications are given to materials that have been tested and known to conserve energy. They also follow ethical practices in the production stage.
  3. Using energy efficient lights
    Lighting is one of the biggest factors that differentiate an energy efficient building with the more energy wasteful building. LED lights are currently popular because it does not take too much energy to run them. It can save up to 75% energy compared to traditional technology.
  4. Incorporating the appropriate ventilation system
    The airflow in your building also determines the energy use. Your home design needs to make sure that the air circulation occurs smoothly. A good air circulation can control the temperature inside the house. It can also prevent molds from forming inside which can cause health problems in the long run.
  5. Using environmentally friendly energy sources
    Some houses already try to use more environmentally friendly energy sources. The current trend is to install solar panels as the partial or sole energy source. Solar panels are great because they use the sun to draw power. It requires less fuel and produces less waste to the environment.
  6. Low-flow water system
    The water system inside the house also needs to be more efficient. Low-flow water system is recommended because it can disperse water effectively despite using significantly less water. Many modern houses have installed it and renovating a house to include this system is not difficult.

How do I know if my house is energy efficient?

You can check if your house already adheres to the energy efficient building design by doing an energy audit. This audit can decide the energy flow that goes in and out of your house. This information will provide the gists about where the house stands in terms of efficiency.

There will be an expert who will come to the house and inspect the whole system. The person will inspect plumbing, electric circuits, and other components. This audit process can show the homeowner which parts to be improved so that energy efficiency can be maximized.

What are 5 ways to save energy?

Homeowners can conserve energy using these five approaches:

  1. Buying appliances that are energy efficient
    Appliances that you buy must be energy efficient. There are many new technologies that companies come up with to make their products consume less energy. Usually, these products are certified by an international board.
  2. Using smart technology
    Smart technology is not only convenient but also efficient. With the smart technology, you can automatically turn on and turn off your switch. This system is really helpful, especially for people who tend to be forgetful.
  3. Lowering energy use consciously
    To support the energy efficient building, the occupants must adjust their lifestyles too. It can be by doing more conscious practices such as unplugging unused appliances. You can also reduce your showering time.
  4. Fixing damage quickly
    Damages in the building must be fixed quickly. It can be leaking faucets or drafts in some of the caulking. These small problems can grow into bigger ones. Even balancing the house condition with those small issues can drain a lot more energy.
  5. Cleaning home regularly
    You may not think that it would be helpful. However, cleaning the house regularly will prevent the house structure being damaged as dust and other small particles tend to be responsible for it. You should also clean the appliances regularly.

How is energy wasted in homes?

Energy can be wasted inside a house in various ways, such as:

  • When the user leaves appliances plugged into the chord.
  • Leaving lights on when unused.
  • Taking too long hot showers.
  • Cooking elaborate meals that use many appliances often.
  • Not replacing the water filtration system regularly.
  • Setting the air conditioner too high or too low.
Energy Efficient Building
Energy Efficient Building

What is one disadvantage of becoming more energy efficient?

There is a disadvantage of creating an energy efficient building. It is the added cost of the cutting-edge appliances as well as a person who understands green design. The materials to build these buildings are also more expensive because they are not as mainstream as the other kinds of materials.

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