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Online Education – Advantages and Disadvantages

Online education is very popular recently due to this pandemic situation. All educational institutions starting practicing online courses considering the safety of the students. There are both advantages and disadvantages in online educations. let us see about them in detail:

Pros of Online education

Time Management:

Time management is one of the major pros of online education. Because most of the students spent lot of time in travelling especially in metro cities.

Various courses are covered under one roof. This is also related to time management. Where students are in a need to move to various locations for their respective classes.

Due to the above mentioned reasons students can learn wide courses in a short duration.

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Online education is cost efficient. It is like a one time investment i.e. buying a laptop or a tablet. Other than that the cost of the online courses are very affordable compared to normal coaching classes.


It is very convenient and flexible not only for students but also for the parents to take care of the kids. The students can study at comfort at their home.

Online course are very much interactable since each students are monitored individually compared to classroom courses. Therefore the ability to concentrate in the subject is also increased.


It helps in improving self discipline among students. It also helps in self motivation which results in higher productivity.

Multi tasking:

Online courses are a boom to people’s who discontinued their studied for the purpose of career. Since it is flexible one can concentrate both in studies as well as in career.

Students can spent more time in their area of interest or in hobbies and also interact with people who is having same area of interest with great knowledge anywhere across the country.

Techno impact:

Since it is a virtual mode of training it is very simple and easy to understand even very complex topics. We can say that the methodology of teaching has changed as per students wish.

Other advantages:

So far we have seen the advantages of online education from students point of view. There are also more advantages other than above mentioned, let’s check it:

Online education is more advantageous to educational institution as the maintenance cost is totally reduced. Maintenance includes cost of classrooms, Electricity cost, Water cost, cost of study materials, house keeping charges and so on.

Teachers also prepare for their course in form of soft copies which can be used for future courses which reduces time and it is long-lasting.

Most of physical classroom demands are reduced such as desk, paper, pen etc.. since it is digitalized it is completely paperless.

For working parents it is very easy to make their kids concentrate on studies and take care of them. Since students are present at home all days and they can learn at flexible time duration at the convenience of the parents.

Online Education PPT

Cons of Online Education

We all know as a coin has two sides there are also two sides for online education. let’s see the cons of online education:

  • Online education is not available at ease for many students. Mainly for students from rural areas. Because it requires high internet speed which is not available in rural areas.
  • There are also students who cannot afford for costly electric gadgets used for class.
  • Students are isolated from the outer world. They are hooked up in single room with the technology in front of them. The students are not even interested in exploring the outer world.
  • As the students are isolated they become more stressful which causes many health issues.
  • Technology not only teaches good things it paves way for many bad things too. There is a chance for students to get distracted by using unwanted sites.
  • If there is any technical issues then it will be a huge loss for the students. There is a chance for them to miss the class or not able to attend the class until rectifying it.
  • Online class means more screen time therefore there is a chance for eyesight related issues.
  • Due to social isolation students lack communication skills.
Cons of Online Education
  • Only theoretical skills are well developed and there is a lack in practical skills. If it is a physical classroom practical training will also be provided simultaneously.
  • There is a tremendous reduction in physical activities among the students. Whereas in classroom coaching separate time is allotted for the purpose of drills or yoga etc.
  • During exam time it is difficult for the examiner to avoid cheating by the students. Only if the student is self disciplined the exam will be in a fair manner else there is more chance for malpractice.

As we know Online education is one of the big life saver during this pandemic situation. Parents are worried about the safety of the children and not ready to send them to educational institutions. They are also worried about the education of the children. Due to online education both the safety of the students as well as education is balanced.

Below are some online learning sites which you can refer:

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. Cloudacademy
  4. Pluralsight

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