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Wireless Charging of Mobile Phones

Here’s How Wireless Charging Becomes Possible

Charging any electronic devices means helping them regain their energies. Doing the same for mobile phones means making your mobile phones more sustainable in the long run. These days, you do not even need wires to charge your mobile phones. Thus, this article introduces you to the wireless charging method.

How does an Artificial Neural Network work?

How does an Artificial Neural Network work?

are into the latest technology, you probably have heard about artificial neural networks. Yes, the word neural hails from the human nervous system called a neuron. The technology mimics the neuron system in the human brain; hence it is called an artificial neural network or also known as ANN.

Wireless Electricity for Futuristic Devices - witricity

Wireless Electricity for Futuristic Devices

Recent technological developments have led to wireless, including wireless electricity. A new term for wireless electricity is WiTricity. WiTricity itself is electrical energy that is transferred without using a cable as a transmission medium.

What is Insulation Material?

What is Insulation Material and its Uses

In short, it is the material that works as a buffer inside the walls. It acts as extra protection for your house from the temperature outside. These materials can help you stay warm in the winter and cool during summer.

Analog vs Digital Communication

Introduction to Analog vs Digital Communication

Modern society in communicating does not need to meet face to face. The communication that people have makes it possible to transmit images, sounds, and videos via online. The word communication itself comes from the Latin “communicare”.

Smart Grid Technology

What is Smart Grid technology?

A smart grid is a technology that divides the electricity grid into a two-way flow of data and electricity. The technology includes energy measures ad operations such as smart appliances, smart meters, energy-efficient resources, and more.

types of insurance

Types of Insurance and Its Basics

Insurance is a bond between an Individual or an entity in form of policy with the insurance company to protect from any financial losses. It also provides reimbursement against losses.

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