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What is Salesforce? – A Complete Guide

Are you an existing user or a new one who wants to learn more about the Salesforce platform? If yes, then this blog post will help you to get more information about Salesforce and what is it all about.

The most common question asked by the people who are new to Salesforce is what is Salesforce? It is one of the most popular cloud-based CRM platforms that are designed for businesses. It has been developed by the company Salesforce and it helps in managing business processes, customer relationships and sales.

It provides many tools for marketing, lead management, sales and other functionalities. The main purpose of the platform is to enhance sales performance and provide better customer service. This is one of the best ways to manage the leads and customers.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce has been designed with the help of technology that is based on the concepts of social networks. It allows you to create a user-friendly environment for your business. The core purpose of the Salesforce platform is to make business processes more effective. It gives you a complete control over all the activities which take place within your business. You can easily access all the data from anywhere and anytime. The platform also allows you to automate various processes and workflows which will improve your productivity and efficiency.

Salesforce is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that integrates multiple applications and helps in streamlining business processes. It provides you with various tools to maintain customer relationship, increase sales and marketing effectiveness and enhance customer service. If you want to know more about the features and benefits of Salesforce, then you can read this blog post.

Why is Salesforce CRM important?

It helps in improving the productivity of your company and you can easily access the data from anywhere and anytime. You can manage leads, contacts and customers on a single screen and can also communicate with them on the same platform. It provides a user-friendly environment which helps in increasing the user adoption rate. It provides an easy-to-use interface which allows you to perform multiple tasks with ease.

The Salesforce platform can be used by any size of business whether it is a small or big business. It is one of the best tools that are available for businesses. It has become an essential part of every business and provides better management of customers and their relationship with your business.

What are the 6 benefits of Salesforce [PPT]

What are some of the reasons why you might want to use Salesforce?

1. Salesforce is a cloud-based solution that is secure, easy to use, and accessible anywhere.

2. You can easily manage and track all of your leads, contacts, opportunities, and accounts.

3. You can create custom reports to help you better understand your business data.

4. Salesforce has an extensive app store that makes it easy to add tools for your business.

5. You can also save time by using Salesforce as a CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

6. Salesforce is one of the best apps for sales teams.

Download Salesforce PowerPoint Presentation:

Case management in salesforce [PPT]

Case management in salesforce is a tool that allows salespeople to track, manage, and follow up on leads and sales opportunities.

When a lead comes into your company, it is assigned a case number. Salespeople then create notes in the case management system to communicate with the prospect.

The system also keeps track of the status of each opportunity. If the opportunity closes, the salesperson can use case management to keep track of what was done and who should be credited for the work.

It also allows you to create custom fields to track additional information about the lead or the opportunity.

You can set up triggers in the system to automatically send emails to a salesperson when certain actions are taken in the system. For example, you can set up a trigger so that every time a new lead is created, an email is automatically sent to the sales rep. This will help the rep stay on top of his or her pipeline.

What is Salesforce PPT

Reports and Dashboards in salesforce [PPT]

Salesforce CRM offers a very intuitive dashboard. This is how you get to the report, dashboard and analysis tool that helps you and your team understand what’s going on with the business. This is the most important page in the entire tool. You can use it to make sense of the information that the various reports provide. If you need to make sense of all of the data, this is the page to learn.

Uses of Reports and Dashboards in salesforce

1. Use Salesforce Reports and Dashboards to Analyze the Sales Process

2. Use the Data to Predict Your Business Future

3. Use the Reports and Dashboards to Create New Opportunities

4. Use the Data to Increase Your Customer’s Confidence

5. Use the Reports and Dashboards to Create New Markets

6. Use the Data to Build a Loyal Customer Base

7. Use the Data to Improve your Marketing Efforts

8. Use the Reports and Dashboards to Make Better Decisions

9. Use the Data to Identify Trends and Problems

10. Use the Reports and Dashboards to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

11. Use the Data to Optimize your Business Process

12. Use the Data to Increase Sales


In conclusion, Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based platform which helps you to manage the sales, marketing, lead generation, customer service and many other functions. Hope You got more information about the benefits of using the Salesforce platform and what it does.

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