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What is diamond Painting? Create Your Own Custom Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is one of the most popular emerging kind of painting in the recent era. Nowadays it has become one of the exciting hobbies not only for most of the adults but also for children.

It is similar to cross painting and painting by numbers where it breaks the image into pattern.

It is also called as 5D diamond painting where 5D represents the realistic and stunning effect the image gives us once it is completed.

The most exciting feature in diamond painting is it uses diamonds also called as drills or rhinestones. It is made up of a kind of resin.

The size of the diamond is usually between 2.5 mm to 2.8mm.

It is available in various colours and it is matched to the colours available in the canvas. The canvas is nothing but the high definition image and it is available in such a format where we have to fix the diamonds of variable colours and sizes available into it.

It is done easily with the help of a corresponding number for the corresponding colour mentioned in it.

One side of the stone is flat and it sticks to the canvas and the other side has 5D effect which gives the image a realistic look.

In short we can say that diamond painting is nothing but a painting kit with all available materials. Our work is to complete the painting by following the instructions.

Is Diamond painting Easy ?

If you are interested in painting and if you have patience to handle miniature items then yes it is very simple and easy to do diamond painting. All you need is have a little knowledge about the usage of kit.

The difficulty arises when there are folds in the canvas. The flat side of the diamond doesn’t fit the canvas if the base is not smoother. This problem arises mostly in partial drill method.

It really requires a lot of patience.

What is needed for a diamond painting?

Listed below are some of the basic accessories needed for a diamond painting:

A canvas – It is pre printed with a design and it also has a pre applied adhesive.

Diamonds or Drills – They are available in various colours and it is used according to our needs

Round and Square are the two different styles of drills.

  • Round drills are more easier when compared to square.
  • Round drills are preferred by beginners as they are very easy to manipulate.
  • Square drills are preferred for precise images and they are more complicated to use.

Diamond Pens – it is dipped into the wax or glue and then the diamond is picked up using it. Then it is dropped into the position of the canvas.

Wax Pen – it applies wax directly to the diamond piece.

Light Pad – it is used to reduce eye strains.

There are also other common accessories available which can be used if needed:

  • Diamond organizers
  • Craft tables
  • Storage boxes
  • Frames
  • Magnifier

How to use the wax in the kit?

Dip the tip of the pen into the wax.

You can notice little amount of wax gets attached to the edge of the pen.

Choose the colour of the diamond to be placed on the canvas and place the pen with the wax to that diamond.

Instead of wax glue can also be used.

Types of diamond painting

They are widely classified into two types

Full drill – In full drill entire canvas is covered by diamonds.

Partial drill – In partial drill the canvas is partially covered by diamonds.

There is another one special type of diamond painting known as Multi panelled diamond painting.

Difference between full drill and partial drill diamond painting

In partial drill we apply diamonds only on a certain part of the canvas. The other parts acts as an background of the image and it does not contain any diamonds. It is easy for beginners and cheaper when compared to full drills. This kind of drill is used if the picture has a focal point. It is also most suitable for personalized images because it highlights the most striking component of the image.

In full drill the whole canvas is completely covered by diamonds. It enhances the pictures to another dimension and looks perfect. If you want to do a painting in mosaic style then the best option is full drill. Full drill uses square diamonds.

Are Round and Square diamond painting better ?

Both kinds of diamonds have unique results. It depend on the skill of the person to choose the type of diamond needed. Round diamonds are easier and cheaper whereas using of square diamonds are little bit complicated but it looks very clean and gives a complete painting. It gives the complete mosaic looks even when viewed from a greater distance.

Should I seal my diamond painting ?

Yes of course it is necessary to seal the painting done due to the reasons listed below:

  • To maintain its shine
  • To save the painting from dust and dirt
  • Prevent the beads from falling down

Sealing can be done using two methods. They are Spray sealing and Brush sealing.

Mod podge is mostly preferred for sealing diamond paintings as they are non toxic and it comes in different formulas.

But the diamond art club does not recommend in sealing the painting. Because using sealants may turn yellow overtime which results in unappealing appearance to the paintings.

How do I make my diamond painting stick again ?

If the canvas gets dried up the diamond does not stick to it. To rectify it place the protective layer back on the canvas and use a roller to press down the protective layer.

Peel the protective layer from the other end where the adhesive layer is still intact.

Use diamond painting glue for adhesive purpose.

We can also use clean and thinner double sided tape.

Colourless nail polish is also preferred for making the diamond stick back.

How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

It depends on the size of the painting and the interest of a person to complete it.

Most of the diamond painting takes nearly two to nine hours to complete it.

Difference between 3D and 5D diamonds

The difference between 3D and 5D diamonds depends upon the dimension of the diamond used.

This dimension is determined by using the facets on the diamond.

3D dimensions have 3 facets on each side with nine facets in total. 3D is best suited for kids and one who is new to diamond painting.

5D dimensions have 5 facets on each side with total fifteen facets. Hence it gives more sparkle and mosaic feel to the painting .

Where can I get a diamond painting kit ?

Diamond painting kits can be purchased in platforms like walmart, hobbylobby, amazon etc..

It is available in various sizes and designs. It also uses a wide range of diamond colours.

What can I do with the left over diamond drills and dotz ?

Most of the kits provides extra diamonds which we can use creatively for alternate purposes like

  • Making a diamond pen holder.
  • Designing an ornament.
  • Diamond manicure.
  • Decorating a room and so on.

We can conclude that diamond painting gives peace, increases concentrations and helps in minimising stress. Also it Increases confidence and develops the creativity.

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