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Building Self Confidence and Personality Development

Self-confidence refers to a capability that one develops to have a good sense of self-esteem and believe more in yourself. It is not the type of capability to achieve in a short time but it requires a long time to progress to achieve self-confidence. Also, self-confidence may drop at a certain time, so it is important to protect and nurture what has built on you.

On the other hand, personality development is ongoing progress of developing skills as well as personality to reach maturity level. Self-confidence and personality development go hand in hand which means while you develop self-confidence then your personality will also develop. Here are some personality development tips to build your self-confidence.

How can we develop self-confidence?

Developing self-confidence is very important so that you can value yourself more and have solid self-esteem. There are lots of practices to help build self-confidence but first of all, you can start with love yourself. It is difficult to build self-confidence when you do not feel good and do not love yourself. Start with love yourself, be kind to yourself, and feel good about anything that you have. Talk to yourself about things that you like, life goals, and try to stay positive as much as you can. Stop comparing your life with others and focus on planning your life with all the strength that you have.

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What is self-confidence in personality development?

Self-confidence is like the core of personality development. This means one cannot build personality development when one does not have good self-confidence. In many aspects, self-confidence is the push button to believe in yourself. Many people are afraid of others or to do something and it limits their personality development.

How do you build confidence in personality development?

To build a strong personality, you need to build self-confidence in the first place. Only when you feel confident with yourself, you can develop a strong personality. So, what you can do to build self-confidence? People who are confident with themselves always get things done. This means to start building self-confidence by being productive and accomplish your everyday goals. Though it is not easy, try to monitor your progress and see how much you change in everyday activity.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed with how big your dream goals are, but be fearless to achieve them. There is no place for fear when you want to be confident. A good way to avoid fear is to not bother with what others’ saying. Just get the things done and do not compare your progress with other people.

What is the importance of self-confidence in personality development?

People with good self-confidence feel happier, get motivated, are more productive, and are more grateful. This is all because they are comfortable with themselves and have clear future goals. When you have good self-confidence, you will also have the better mental strength and build a better relationships. All these conditions are required to build good personality development.

How does self-confidence relate to character development?

Self-confidence affects your actions in many ways. Those who lack self-confidence struggle in many aspects of life from the workplace, social life, to personal relationship. Lacking confidence also affects character development. It prevents you from becoming a better person and instead, forces you to become a negative person who lacks motivation and energy.

To develop a character, you need self-confidence. A good level of confidence changes your perspective, way of thinking, and also actions. While character trait is something you inherit, but you can always develop the character from a negative person to a positive one, from being unproductive to productive, and so on.

What type of skill is self-confidence?

Self-confidence is a personal development skill. Good self-confidence means you believe in your abilities, decisions, and actions. This is a basic skill you need to reach your goals and have a successful life. Many people fail to believe in themselves and that makes it difficult to reach the life goal.

What are self-confidence examples?

There are countless examples of self-confidence you can learn from famous people. One of the great examples is the story of Steve Jobs. We all know that he was fired from his very own company. However, instead of overthinking the matter, he went on to establish one of the most successful production houses, Pixar. This is all because he has a great amount of confidence to stand up once again after the failure and is even able to create another company which also as successful as the former company.

What are the factors that affect self-confidence?

Self-confidence is not something to build overnight. It is a lifetime process with a lot of influence factors. Society plays a huge contribution to one’s self-confidence. The ways you dress, speak, behave and even way of thinking are greatly influenced by the society around you. Besides society, the childhood moment also contributes to one’s self-confidence.

Other factors that also contribute in self-confidence is religions, media, family and friends, relationship, work environment, and also health.

Why do we need self-confidence?

Self-confidence is important to build your personal and career life. It convinces other people that you are capable of doing something. This is because people tend to trust others who radiate confidence within themselves. Also, having self-confidence makes you a positive person since you believe in yourself more.

10 things to boost your self-esteem

There are many techniques on how to build self-esteem. The key to building self-esteem is to take note of what makes you down and what you can do to change it. Here are the 10 things to boost self-esteem.

  • Have positive attitude
  • Get moving and be active
  • Talk to a friend
  • Doing something on a purpose
  • Listen to your body
  • Plan your everyday activity
  • Make time for yourself
  • Eat right
  • Make a list of your goal
  • Do not forget to have fun

Self-esteem therapy activities

Some people have a session with a therapist to help build self-esteem. But if you want to have a therapy that you can do-it-yourself at home, you can start with making a habit tracker. A habit tracker is the type of tracker or journal to monitor your everyday activities. This tracker helps you stay on track and be productive every day.


Self-confidence is something that we need to develop a positive personality and have better self-esteem. There are lots of factors that affect self-confidence and personal development. Develop self-confidence includes changing the way of thinking, how you behave and react to a certain situation, and so on.

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